PhD Student; Industrial Hygiene
158 IREH University of Iowa
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Currently I am pursuing a Ph.D. degree in Industrial Hygiene Program at the University of Iowa. I joined Dr. Tom Peters’s Lab in fall, 2014. Originally from the south of China, I was born in a gorgeous small city named Yichun (Jiangxi Province) in 1988.

I am very interested in many health related agents (including aerosols, gases, noises, etc.). I am currently working on two pet projects. One is to develop a real-time monitoring instrument for detecting aerosols in wide range (10nm to 100 nm of ultrafine mode, 100nm to 1µm of fine mode, and 1µm to 10µm of coarse mode) in occupational areas. Another one is “an inexpensive monitoring network to assess workplace exposures”. My google scholar profile is as follows: