Alum Summer 2016; MS; Industrial Hygiene
University of Iowa
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Currently I am pursuing an M.S. in Industrial Hygiene at the University of Iowa as a trainee in the Heartland Center, a NIOSH ERC.  I work with Dr. Tom Peters in his lab group.  Dr. Peters and his team have recently developed a nanoparticle respritory desposition (NRD) sampler (ZNRD001, Zefon, Ocala, FL) to collect metal particles (<300 nm).  My work has involved validating the collection efficiency of the NRD sampler with an independent sampler, the Nano-Micro-Orifice Uniform Deposition Impactor.  We have been developing a sampling method for both instruments in the lab in order to use this technique in the field to assess different occupational exposures to metal particles.